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my mother and I were talking…

April 22, 2009

dsc024111Some people say, oh, he is “just” a farmer…Or she is “just” a housewife…it is terrible to label people, I think, in negative ways (their way of seeing them as it being negative, NOT that a farmer or housewife is bad). We are ALL important in God’s eyes. And I’m sure we are all guilty of this at some time or another. Labels are a topic I’ve thought about a lot….everything from being labeled/condemned/sentenced by a doctor (cancer, some disease, etc.) or psychiatrist (OCD, ADHD, etc) to a teacher labeling a student as a slow learner or whatever. I know these things are real, but people put too much emphasis on them, too much faith in what is being said, and they get bogged down by this and don’t trust God to heal or relieve them! They accept these things that are told to them more than they accept what GOD has told them, and they condemn themselves/curse themselves and get so deep in them that they can’t get out. They dwell there.

And also to be labeled or condemned from the pulpit. We need to “uplift” people, glorify God not “the sin” all of the time…JUST my own opinion. Beth Moore speaks on this topic in one of her books saying we get preached at every Sunday about sinning but we don’t get any helpful preaching or teaching on living the victorious life. ie We live in a pit…(I just read the review and don’t have the book yet). 

 God’s grace is bigger than all of these things.

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